:::my place or my working place :::
a new netproject for webists 2008

brigitta krause webist since 2006

show us your place or your desktop - where you sit all day
or even at night creating your -webism- ART ----look your entrys----
upDate 21-01-08

subject: webism working-place

(your picture).jpg
height x width:
600 x 800 pixel

your initials or name
your country
and send
-it to me-

proposal -1-

my desktop - desktop place

my desktop -my wallpaper -my display
proposal -2-

artistic place - place by art

my place in my BRiGiTAL art
st_ART B(-:=_____brigitta krause____krause:-)B____ webist www.artB4.de.de/webist -webism- weB project 2008 ::::my working place::::: +++ show us your's +++